The Beginning of Hollen Wine

Dr. Mike Hollen is a self-made world-traveler. His love of wine is second only to his love of spending time with family and dear friends. 

Dr. Mike and his friends needed a wine that was delicious enough to satisfy their palates’ love of dark, complex, lush wines at a price point that afforded everyday occasions.

                                They couldn’t find one….so they made one.

HOLLEN Family Vineyards & Winery  Wins Wine of the Year

The World Association, Wines & Spirits, Writers and Journalists (WAWWJ) awards Hollen 2008 Malbec "2014 Wine of the Year," determined by the wines with best scores in the largest international competitions throughout 2013.


"Again Hollen Family Argentina manages to be the winery with the most awards won in an international competition of wines."

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Photos by Roberto Correa Gabbi
Clipped wine images by Jake Porter
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